Media Week, November 2010, Location, location, location; the new wave of social networking

Media Week, November 2010, The rise and rise of the iPad

Media Week, August 2010; Meet the Real Life Mad Man

MediaWeek, July 2010: The new Facebooks

Media Week April 2009: Planning for free media

Media Week Feb 2009; Brands target ethnic markets

Media Guardian November 2008 An offer you can refuse

Media Guardian November 2008: Inspirational ideas

Marketing, July 2008: Branding for SMEs

Media Week October 2008: diary of an EMEA decision maker

Media Week December 08: kids’ TV

Media Week April 08: Sunday newspapers

Media Week February 08: Behavioural Targeting

Flapjack (for SW London parents), Mealtime meltdowns, 2007

Flapjack: Mothers switching careers

PR Week 2007: City firms braced for storm

Marketing, July 2006: Regional brands expanding nationally

Promotions & Incentives, December 06: Product placment in publishing

Broadcast, Feb 2005: kids’ TV

Campaign 2005: Adland’s most creative clients

Broadcast, 2005: The mavericks of comedy

Marketing 2005: Brands and politics


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