Harriet Dennys, Editor, Mediaweek.co.uk

Alexandra is a highly professional freelancer who has always delivered well-researched and well-written features to deadline. She investigates beyond the brief, and her feature on Sunday newspapers was one of the best we published.

 Bhavna Mistry, Editor, AV, and former Editor, Promotions & Incentives, Haymarket

Alex is a consummate and talented professional in every aspect of
journalism. She has delivered above and beyond the brief every time for me, adding insight and an ability to convey complex concepts not only perceptively, but also accessibly.

Nick Bowman, founder, Mandarin PR:

I first met Alex a decade ago when as a PR I was trying to interest her in my clients – she had an uncanny ability to sort the facts from the PR puff, and always wrote fairly and even-handedly.  More recently, Alex has worked with me directly at Mandarin writing a mix of press releases, commentary and articles.  She has also undertaken a number of difficult copywriting pieces which have been excellent, and well received by the client.  I have always been impressed with how Alex can unravel a poorly presented brief and turn it into a lively piece which gets straight to the point.

Lorette Nettar, PR Director, i-Level

I’ve known Alex for 10 years, first as news editor at Marketing and latterly have commissioned her for various editorial projects for clients.  In my PR roles inhouse and as a consultant, I have always found Alex professional and an excellent writer and editor.  For digital specialists i-level, she was consistently able to source relevant and write key content for a regular monthly newsletter disseminated to a discerning and knowledgeable audience.


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